As our world becomes faster and smaller, more and more business transactions are conducted over the internet. However, the need for professional and personal service remains as important as ever.

Digital communications allow very fast transactions and streamlined processes. But this can come at the expense of direct personal communication.

We pride ourselves on offering logistics that are at the forefront of the new digital age. However, they are underpinned by a personal service and know how, available directly to our customers at any time.

As a modern railroad shipping provider, we also offer multi modal transportation. We can store your goods and provide timed delivery to end users as well.

IREDA is an independent service provider and holds treaties and agreements with many members of the European railroad network.

Our staff are certified specialists for railroad logistics and have detailed market knowledge.

We look forward to planning the best route for your goods.


> Franz Rameder
> Eva Janechova
> Eva Schmideg

IREDA Firmensitz in Wien

  ISO 9001 certificated

ISO 9001 certificate [pdf, A4]