1962 Internationale Reedereiagentur GmbH (IREDA) was founded

Representatives for Karl Geuther & Co. Holding and Peter
W. Lampke GmbH & Co. KG

1977 takeover by Spedition Gärtner St.Pölten

1990 Independently owned by Helmuth Koch and Jakob Bartos

1990 – 2000 Withdrawal from representation and focus
on the traditional freight business

2002 Merger with Rail Road Cargo Gmbh

2006 Takeover by Raaberlog Kft

2007 Independent and fully owned by Rail Road Cargo GmbH

2009 Thomas Wanka and Bernd Müller joint CEOs

2010 Thomas Wanka sole CEO

2012 Change of name to IREDA Internationale Spedition GmbH

2016 Franz Rameder and Thomas Wanka joint CEOs


Trockenzylindertransport, Steiermark, 1938