Even though today we see more and more information being shared and more business transactions being conducted through the Internet, you still can’t send a container per email.

We are maneuvering through an increasingly fast-paced world where distances constantly seem to grow smaller. This has been made possible by the digitalization of communication, “global real time”.

And even though so much is accessible in an instant, so much information, so many documents and business transactions can be dealt with within seconds, there are things that cannot be handled in this way, for the simple reason that they just won’t fit through the World Wide Web: analog goods.

The omnipresence of our current information technology makes us believe that we live in a digital world. That this is not the case, however, we come to realize as soon as we want to ship goods.

Following these thoughts, we from IREDA would like to build a bridge: a bridge from the analog to the digital world.

We offer analog know-how, organization and logistics, which we are happy to prepare for you in a digital form.

IREDA Firmensitz in Wien

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